Building an 8-bit computer on breadboard

# by on 04/06/2018

Yesterday I found a great YouTube series from Ben Eater that builds a simple 8-bit computer from electronics, doing an amazing job of explaining all the important principles along the way. Click below for the introduction video, or here to jump to the whole playlist.

Building an 8-bit breadboard computer!

I've always wanted to build a computer like this to learn about the fundamentals, and this video series has been the next best thing; I stayed up a bit too late last night binge watching the first two thirds of the entire series. Ben really does a great job keeping things interesting and teaching a lot along the way, without assuming a lot of in-depth technical knowledge in advance (but also without seeming to ever spend a lot of time explaining anything obvious.)

If you've ever had an interest in electronics, I defninitely recommend checking it out. Maybe one day I'll try to build my own and track the progress here.