I'd love to collaborate with anyone on either writing books or building projects related to this topic! Please reach out if interested.

I was very lucky as a boy to get a Commodore VIC-20 computer around my sixth birthday; using it I was able to learn BASIC by typing in the programs in various books or magazines (the one I remember most fondly was Gortek and the Microchips.) I went on from there to GW-BASIC, QBasic (and the compiled version in QuickBASIC, then Visual Basic. By that point I was around fifteen and learned the language that I started my career in Ops automation with: Perl.

Without that first experience with my VIC-20, it's hard to say what I'd be doing instead. Now that I have a five year old daughter myself, I'm using this place to collect links and resources to help her learn too. If you have any suggestions to add here, please let me know.

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