Hacking CI/CD for GitLab

This is my .plan for work and covers what's in flight/how I work. My role at GitLab is Director of Product Management for CI/CD.


Feel free to take a look at my most recent 360 review results for additional context, or my 5x5 introduction slides. Introduction slides are GitLab internal only for now.

Personal Style

My personal style is "expressive", which means I tend to have a creative and intuitive way of working, which works really well with iteration. It also means that I really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and passion for the problems I am working on, and that I excel in unstructured, fast-moving environments. I'm motivated by being appreciated and working on innovative solutions. This also means that I can make mistakes or have frequent changes in direction or focus due to my inclination to act on opinions, hunches, and intuitions versus facts and data, and so I try to be careful to avoid this by working iteratively rather than via sweeping changes. A sample motto for an expressive manager like me might be "I lean on the power of my vision, and trust in my persuasive power."

Apart from this, I love coaching and developing people, and am a natural collaborator/facilitator. If there's ever anything where I can help in this regard, please just let me know.

More info can be found in the handbook guide for the styles.

Overall Priorities

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