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Teamwork and the rule of cool

By Jason Yavorska on December 3, 2023

Imagine starting your day by asking your colleagues "What is the coolest, most interesting thing can I help you build today?" This simple question, brimming with curiosity and a willingness to collaborate, can transform the way teams work and innovate.

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The power of a collaborative mindset

When you approach interactions with an open-ended question like this, it fosters a sense of communal creativity and willingness to explore new ideas. It's not just about finding tasks to complete; it's about discovering opportunities to create something extraordinary. This mindset shifts the focus from mundane, everyday tasks to exciting possibilities that can be explored and developed together.

Iteration as a pathway to innovation

This approach aligns perfectly with the philosophy of focusing on iteration. The question, "What awesome thing can be built in a few hours?" is not just about speed; it's about finding the low-hanging fruit that can be quickly shipped to delight customers. These rapid cycles of iteration allow for immediate feedback, constant improvement, and, most importantly, a faster route to delivering value to customers. Plus, it's just rewarding to ship great stuff every day.

Building a culture of proactive collaboration

By consistently asking how you can help in building something cool, you contribute to a culture where proactive collaboration is the norm. It encourages everyone to look beyond their individual tasks and consider the bigger picture, leading to more cohesive and innovative outcomes.

This habit of seeking to create something impactful in a short time frame is incredibly rewarding. It pushes you and your team to think creatively and efficiently, ensuring that every effort is directed towards creating something meaningful for the customers.

A catalyst for growth and satisfaction

Adopting this mindset is more than a way to make your day more fun; it's a catalyst for focusing on the right things. It's about making every day an opportunity to learn, create, and collaborate in ways that bring out the best in you and your colleagues, and to do it while building cool stuff.